You will want to Remember Their Littleness.


Remember what this feels like.

Because I know at this time, you’re having all those feels. And all these questions. And likely all-the tears.

You’ve known what it feels like to be wanted. But now, you are learning exactly what it feels like to be THIS needed.

Your baby cries for you.

Your baby calms you.

Your infant searches the room to nestle to his favourite spot that only belongs to you.

And although it’s hard. Maybe even the most challenging hard, you will want to consider exactly what this feels like. You will want to consider their littleness. You’ll want to remember your advantage.

Since time goes by because it’s guaranteed to do, their littleness will change.

She’ll pick her own manner.

He will take up a fight.

She will run as fast as she can because you wish you can only slow. It. All. Straight back. Down.

But that is maybe not now.

Today, he discovers his place in your familiar adopt.

Now, she’s captivated by you.

Now, he’s increasing his voice to be sure everyone knows he belongs to you.

And you also know as sure because she wants one to put up her, and she’ll always hold her place within her mama’s heart.

And that is what you’ll never overlook —

His tiny fingers wrapping around yours.



You’ll remember her candy fragrance.

And how you were able to continue, despite it all —

Whenever you were tired. And he was.

Whenever you had been shifting. And she was.

Whenever you were frustrated. And he had been.

When you had been comforted. And she had been.

When you were settling into your new ordinary. As well as your precious babe was learning and growing along with you personally.

And you’re going to look back in their incredible eyes, and you’ll remember.

You’ll remember more sweetness compared to anything else.


And since they get bigger, you’ll still catch a glimpse of those younger them in a smile.


You’ll see yet another new ma unbuckle a child car chair.


You’ll look at a child registry and shop the aisles that are toddlers.


And you’re going to remember.


You’ll feel gratitude flooding your heart.


You’ll remember just what this feels like.

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