What Jobs are Flexible for Moms? Check it out

What Jobs are Flexible for Moms?

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In October 2020, over 11.1 million Americans were jobless. As moms, we are caring for our homes, our kids, and ourselves, however with over 11.1 million Americans from jobs — 6.3 million of whom are women — we’re also facing an uphill struggle to get ready for a workforce that looks a lot different today than it did a year ago. What happens when there aren’t enough jobs to go around when unemployment might be running out, when your children still need to eat, and invoices even must get paid? There are people out there to assist and occupations you can do in the home.

So, What Jobs are Flexible for Moms?

Whether you’re searching for a steady gig or a side hustle, we can all learn something from our conversation with Lesley. Working out of home, especially during times such as these, might only be the proper selection for you. Listed below are a few thoughts :

flexible jobs for moms Make A Blog

Perhaps your jaw will fall into the floor once you read this (as mine did), but authors can make anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000 per month. If you like to write and want to share your perspective, maybe starting your blog is a route you’d like to go. She also gives ideas about the best way to begin your site. However, it requires time to set up a presence, so this is only a good option if you’re able to manage to be patient.

Social Media Marketing: Build your audience

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and with the growth of influencers, you can sell products from your Instagram page, and you can earn money doing this. She even has a course she offers (for a charge ) to instruct different mamas how. The concept behind social networking marketing is that you, as the influencer, can provide a service or product and make a commission if the product or service is bought through your unique link.


You can take a path to learn how, and it is also possible to employ and work for a business or be a freelancer. It’s entirely up to you how you break into the field, but you definitely can do it from the comfort of your own house.

Locating work online is just like finding work in-person: first impressions matter. We all recognize that your cover letter and resume must succinctly and clearly outline your desire for the position you are seeking and why your experience makes you the best person for the function.

Often, I visit moms, throw a resume and cover letter out there that has not been customized to the job or make any attempt to market themselves into the company owner/hiring manager. Suppose you are not making a real effort to reveal to the hiring individual why you are an excellent fit for the job and why you want this particular job. In that case, they will probably move on to the next candidate” Finding a job is like whatever we do — it takes time, care, and persistence to get the proper role to coincide with your skillset.

COVID-19 has increased the number of people who are working remotely. Working from a dining table room table or finding all those areas you can to choose a Zoom call in the comfort of your own house is currently our new normal. Companies like Google, Twitter, and Salesforce have adopted letting their employees work remotely, extending what has been supposed to be temporary into something which looks like a more permanent fixture within their corporate culture — working from home. Together with these changing times, remote work is our ordinary.

“I think businesses which were afraid or hesitant to employ remote team members prior to the pandemic have been given the opportunity to see how well it might function,” Lesley says. “With the ideal systems, procedures, and oversight, working remotely may do the job superbly for everyone, especially mothers. For moms, the freedom and versatility are worth everything and is why I was drawn to discover a means to connect moms with distant jobs. In addition, I believe that because of this, mothers will go above and beyond to perform a fantastic job because they are so thankful for the chance to work from home.”

For me, I initially had to do a lot of praying and daily meditation to get me through my days with my 13-and-under colleagues, but now I’ve grown to appreciate it. If it weren’t for COVID-19, I’d still be traveling to New York City to work to achieve a mission I believe in and serve people with whom I’m honored to work. And yet, I want to continue to operate at home. For me, it gives me the kind of work-life equilibrium I have always wanted, despite my kids in the house.

Lesley insists this work-at-home life is here to remain. “I believe moms which were given the opportunity to work at home and have loved it will have a hard time going back to fully on-site jobs,” she says. “There are just so many advantages to have that flexibility as a mom.”

Working at home has given me the unexpected gift of advocating more for my wants — to talk when I want to, stand firmly in my conclusions, and express myself more.

Being stuck at home and continuing to supply for our family, we are forced to look in the mirror and see ourselves even when we’re a hot mess, unshowered, and one second away from losing it on our children. But we should never forget to invest in ourselves; we’ll be better for this. Lesley shares with us why that is essential, now more than ever: “If your goal is to work from home, take some time to invest in yourself, whether that is an amazing resume and cover letter or buying certain online training. If you are searching for training, make certain that you read lots of reviews and speak to others who have done the training to be certain it’s a great fit for you before you spend your cash. Take the time to consider what you’d love to do, what you enjoy doing, then do it!”

There is no time like right now to try out that side hustle or launch a new career. A lot of the corporate world has been operating online — why not?

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