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The Top 7 best Blogs for Baby, Kids, Nursery, or Decor inspiration!

by Elen Stone
Christmas is coming and as parents we want to find the right gifts for our Children. I found these beautiful article in the amazing presents’ site www.allgifts.co and I want to present it to you then you can say — The site has many reviews from Mrs. Elen Stone about adorable Children Christmas Gifts.

I love amazing blogs. Blog about babies children, decor, nurseries, kid stuff, kids’ accessories. Especially I love blogs with many crisp colours, trendy subjects and pictures and a lot of originality. Here are few of the best blogs I found for you to be inspired when you want to prepare a new kid bedroom, create your nursery or just redecorate!

  1. A Cup of Jo

I know, I’m not the only one telling you that this blog is very good to visit….and of course following! Myfavorited section is their home & design part, but you might also appreciate the ‘motherhood’ section which is really based on Joanna’s real life. I personally like very much the ‘house tours’ sector!

A Cup of Jo (Founded in January 2007), is a daily blog, which covers food, fashiontravel, weddings,design, relationships, motherhood and generally lifestyle. My social media followers are very enthusiastic and style-conscious women who love shopping online and discovering new top products.



A Cup of Jo


It is realy one of the very best blog for moms and nursery inspiration on the earth. Just AMAZING!

Lay Baby Lay started in 2011, as a place to provide uniqueand freshnursery inspiration with a little bit of motherhood experience.  laybabylay.com



3.French Blossom

This beautiful blog (and online store) promotes TOP French designers. Get prepared to fall in love, as I did, with the original and unique products, amazing ideas and pictures!

Bonjour and welcome to our blog! We are Meriem and Nicholas, founders of French Blossom. Here is a small space where we draw upon our experiences, inspirations, discoveries and stories from within France and sometimes further afield.

 – Believe me! Design, photography, food and travel are just some of the interests which are really close to our heart.    French Blossom



4.Project Nursery

This Project presents real nursery rooms, as well as children’s birthday parties, baby showers, DIY projects from “today” people! And some of them are just wonderful. And do you know what I really love the most about this blog? It is the energetic and updating content on a daily basis. This blog has also an online store.

They give me daily tips and inspiration for kid-friendly modern design projects and with a lot of fun! It’s started out as a simple hobby between new moms and long-time friends. Now it’s evolving into the roles of baby room experts and the business of managing. It has an active online communitytoo, dedicating to the best expansion everinto the world of child-friendly design.   Project Nursery


5.Monika Hibbs

Besides the fact that this blog is just super stylish, what I love about, this Canadian blog is its personal touch. Monika’s suggestionsand favouritesreally come from her own experienceandheart.

Monika is known for her clean aesthetic, discrete style and pure character. With attractive photography, Monika involves you to get up and do something new.  

You’ll be pulled into her sphere by her white airy and real perspective, on life as a woman, wife, mama, sister and friend.




6.Design Sponge

Design Sponge offers multiplicity, authenticity and uniqueness. Of course you can visit only the ‘interiors’ section, but do not hesitate to dig further into the food, travel and life&business sections!

Design*Sponge is a design blog run by Grace Bonney, launched in August of 2004. The site updates about 4 to 5 times per day and is known as a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials”(declared by the New York Times).
Design Sponge



7.Oh Joy!

If you needartandcreativity in your life, you will love Joy Cho’s blog. Seriously, from strong colors to fashionable font and fabulous pictures, this blog will enlight any rainy day!

Launched in 2005 as a graphic design studio, the Oh Joy brand includes in our days various licensed product lines. Also includes how-to lifestyle videos, and a daily blog with a focus on design, fashion, food, and pretty moments from daily life. Founder Joy Cho, author of two books and consultant for hundreds of creative businesses worldwide!
Oh Joy!



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