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The Reason Why Does Santa Claus Bring Gifts At Xmas


The Reason Why Does Santa Claus Bring Gifts At Xmas

by Elen Stone
Christmas is coming and as parents we want to find the right gifts for our Children. I found these beautiful article in the amazing presents’ site www.allgifts.co and I want to present it to you then you can say — The site has many reviews from Mrs. Elen Stone about adorable Children Christmas Gifts.

The history of Christmas and in particular the factors for the providing of gifts are not known for certain, but several things are understood for a fact. The customs of Santa Claus and offering presents at Christmas time started long prior to the birth of Jesus Christ, although it actually depends upon where worldwide you live as to how you think the entire tradition started.

why_does_santa_claus_bring_gifts_by_all_giftsThe offering of presents at Christmas time dates back over 4000 years to the Mesopotamians. They believed that every year in winter their main god Marduk would do battle with the evil spirits of turmoil.

On this day they would present gifts to one another to mark the start of the new year and the success that Marduk had actually yet once again bestowed on them. At that time the offering of Christmas presents began.

St Nicholas is believed to have been born around 300 A.D and lived in exactly what is now Turkey. He was an extensively revered and liked monk due to his overwhelming compassion. His most popular act of kindness was to save three siblings from slavery by offering them with a dowry so that they could be married.

A popular character he quickly ended up being the patron saint of many different groups of individuals, ultimately resting on kids and sailors. Generally, St. Nicholas day was celebrated and kept in mind on December Sixth, although his role as a tutelary saint of children has seen his big day transferred to coincide with Christmas.

So something that is certain is that Santa Claus visits us on a wrong day each and every single year. The event of Saint Nicholas needs to in fact be on December Sixth, although the moving of St. Nicholas day to the 25th was presumably done to integrate his special day with the Christian festival. If the large warehouse stores and toy makers were offered the choice I’m rather sure they would rather commemorate them independently, so be alerted for next year.

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