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All You Need For A Baby Shower (Part 5)


All You Need For A Baby Shower (Part 5)

by Elen Stone

The Best Baby Shower Games To Keep Your Guests Happy

To make a baby shower more entertaining to the guests, you can prepare few short interesting games that can be participated by some volunteers or all of the guests.  These games can be used as icebreakers or can be played during the presents opening time.


After somebody has won a game, you can prepare small tokens or gifts as their prize.  These tokens and little presents need not to be expensive or complicated. They can be chocolate bars, aromatic colour candles or something else to remind the lucky happy winner of his or her successful participation in the Baby Shower games.

When choosing a baby shower game, make sure that you have selected something that will be attractive and interesting to your guests and brings them fun too.  Research on the guests’ backgrounds, interests and ages since these are factors in which you can decide if they will enjoy the baby shower game or not.

Try as much as possible to choose a game that will require a lot of interaction among the guests, especially if your guest list includes family members, and different groups of friends who may not know each another.

After you have carefully thought about the people who are on your guest list, you may want to consider the baby shower games listed below too.


* Mommies and Babies Game

This game can be played better if the participants are your younger guests. The host will read a list of animals to which the players will call out the names of the babies of these particular animals.

To make the game much more entertaining, you can show pictures of the animals that are in a pile.  The players can select the correct picture, say the name of the mother and baby animal and imitate the sound of the animal.

* Mother Goose Game

You can have this baby shower game played by all of the guests.  Prepare several lines from different nursery rhymes.  The host will read these lines to the guests but with an absent word.  The guests will try to guess what the absent word in the nursery rhyme is.  Of course, the person who has called out the most correct answer wins.

* Baby Item Memory Game

Prepare a big tray of many cute baby items that you will show to the guests for 15 to 30 seconds.  After that, ask the guests to write the things that they remember.  The person who has recalled the most baby items will win this baby shower game.

* Baby Food Game

Prepare for this baby shower game by finding and purchasing several types of baby food and removing the labels and replacing the covers with opaque paper.  Number the jars for reference.

Ask the guests to identify the baby foods by smelling or tasting them.  The player who has made the most correct guesses wins the baby shower game.

* Fun Facts

This game can be played only if the guests know or are at least a little bit familiar to each other.

Upon arriving at the baby shower party, ask your guests to write a fact that few people have known.  This may be a hidden talent, a previous job, or a movie they love and went to see together.  They drop the paper in a big jar together with everyone else’s papers.

During the game, they will pick one sheet of paper and try to guess who is the person being described on this paper.

You can also adjust the game by having the host read each of the facts and have all of the guests try to guess the person. This little game change brings better interaction and fun.

With these baby shower games, you can make your guests happy and also to interact with one another and you can keep them away from being bored.

You can make original games as long as you consider the backgrounds, the number and the ages of your beloved guest and players.

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