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All You Need For A Baby Shower (Part 1)


All You Need For A Baby Shower (Part 1)

by Elen Stone

A Baby Shower Really Is A Celebration Time For Everyone


Celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby is exciting and funny but at the same time, it’s often a situation in which both parents can feel much nervousness and worry.

These feelings of concern are especially strong for new first-time parents. There is so much to know and so many different items are needed to provide the proper baby care. That’s why the new parents must plan all very carefully and ask few experienced friends if they are already parents too or read some relevel articles and books if tips are needed.

The idea of the baby shower came about as both a special time for family and friends to be together before the baby’s arrival and also to help relieve the financial burden on parents-to-be by supplying them with many of the new baby things, furnishings and accessories they’ll need once their darling baby arrives.

And even though today most people prefer to break out of the ‘traditional’ pattern, when it comes to a baby shower, these events for the biggest part still follow the traditional procedures. Probably one of the biggest changes to the baby shower format is that they’re no longer exclusively for women but for men too. Plenty of men make it onto today’s baby shower guest list and those who are invited don’t come unwillingly. While they might not play in all the baby shower games, men do enjoy the opportunity to give their regards to the expectant mother- and father-to-be and celebrate together with the baby shower group.

In some cultures however, a baby shower is considered a sign of bad luck. If there’s a chance the expectant mother might feel this way, be sure to check with her before proceeding with the baby shower.

In some parts of the world the baby shower is actually held after the baby is born. This makes sense since a baby shower is a celebration of the baby and guests enjoy actually seeing the one who is being celebrated. It’s also easier to select gender-appropriate colours or colour alternatives fitting to the baby will come. You can also select gifts and should the gift need engraving, guests have all the delivery details they need.

Planning and Organizing Your Baby Shower

Having the baby shower after the baby’s birth does make sense, but it’s a very busy time for new parents. Plus, many of the baby items the expectant parent(s) need, are useful as soon as the baby arrives home. That’s why scheduling the baby shower before the baby’s birth is the more common choice.

The baby shower itself is traditional and for the most part of this event, every shower involves the same old activities. Guest lists and invitations need to be created and mailed. The shower location needs to be decorated.

Guests also expect to be entertained so food, drink and games need to be coordinated. And because it’s a special occasion, there might even be a photographer and/or videographer, musician and other special talent participating in the festivities.

A baby shower can be a big to-do with lots of little details to coordinate and every detail is going to cost money. That’s why it’s highly advisable for whoever is hosting the shower to put together (and stick to) a workable budget.

You can find many things you need for the party online and in very fair prices

Pulling off a successful special event like a baby shower doesn’t take special talent, it takes a well-thought out plan that includes a timeline and a logical budget fitting to your finances.

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