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A Preschool Kid’s Fitness Helps Children Get in Shape

by Elen Stone
in Kids
  Pre-schoolers Fitness Business Working with kid’s is amazing and has fun! If you've always dreamed of working with kids as a gym instructor or a motivator, then a kids' fitness business might be just the right chance for you. A Preschool Children's Fitness Business allows you to work with kids and provide them with age-appropriate fitness workouts to help fight childhood obesity and to help children study how to remain in shape, healthy and fit. Childhood’s overweight is increasing among kids of all ages at an alarming percentage in the United States and all over the world. Even very [...]

The Best Toys for Babies

by Elen Stone
in Kids
How to purchase the most amazing and useful toys and activities for your kid between 1 and 12 months old Toys do more than just keep toddlers captivated-- they're very essential for their psychological, physical, social and intellectual development. They are the tools that teach infant about their world and their place in it. In my article I provides you suggestions on choosing age suitable toys and activities during baby's first year. Following these standards will assist you be constantly increasing your kid's horizons and encouraging healthy progression. Your Baby’s First 3 Months For the very first few months, children [...]

Take Time to Play with Your Children

by Elen Stone
in Kids
Many people have emotional wounds about identity and also carry wounds around vitality and freedom of play. Not necessarily that persons got hurt during childhood play, but that they may, in their grownup time, have come to associate it with early refusal and rejection, loneliness, isolation, and the resultant fears of worthlessness, loss of belonging and love. Playing with your Kids It’s very important for THEM and YOU Sometimes as parents, we may create walls around play or feel negative when our kids wants us to: "Play with me, Mom!" / “Play with me, Dad!” What is hidden, behind our [...]

The Top 7 best Blogs for Baby, Kids, Nursery, or Decor inspiration!

by Elen Stone
I love amazing blogs. Blog about babies, children, decor, nurseries, kid stuff, kids’ accessories. Especially I love blogs with many crisp colours, trendy subjects and pictures and a lot of originality. Here are few of the best blogs I found for you to be inspired when you want to prepare a new kid bedroom, create your nursery or just redecorate!